Parental Skype recorder

(stealth call recorder)
Spy skype recorder main window

Parental Skype Recorder

Latest version: 7.1. File size 6 Mb. >>>Download<<<

System requirements:
- OS: Windows 11, 10, 8 (both x86 and 64 bit versions)
- .NET Framework 4.5.2 (already installed on most systems)
- Skype (Skype classic version, Skype for Windows Desktop, Skype App for Windows 11, 10, Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams)

Latest version new features:

Parental Skype Recorder is a unique and invaluable tool for secretly monitoring Skype conversations. The recorder starts up automatically along with Windows and is completely invisible, with no windows and no icons in the taskbar or system tray. The recorder constantly monitors Skype activity. It automatically starts and stops recording so that every conversation is captured.

Main Features

Universal Recording Capability:

A secret hotkey combination is used to take control of the recorder. Simply type the combination and the hidden window appears. The default combination is Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S and you can change this as desired.
For additional security, you can set up a password to prevent unauthorized Parental Skype Recorder access by other users. The recorder uses the standard MP3 audio format for compact storage. Recordings are placed in hidden folders using encrypted filenames.